Agree or Disagree: Magic In Failure

Posted by Ashley Robinson on

 Agree: Failure will provide valuable intel on what changes are necessary to advance closer to your goals because it allows you to identify what isn't working so you can reevaluate your plans and make them more effective. 

I've recited this line over and over again to myself and some how I still find myself fighting through the fear of failure --Or for fear that my plans can be perfected or fixed before executing. I seriously have notebooks of plans, techniques and notes. 

My current journey is rooted in working though fear and having faith in my abilities and skills. Learning to focus on all the wondering things that can happen instead of everything that can go wrong is still new to me, but it is a journey that I am committed to.  If things do not go according to plan, I learn what not to do next time and continuing to push forward will only elevate my efforts because I am forced to try something new or solve the problem ( why the first attempt failed). 

Finally, I was recently reminded that it can be helpful to look at scriptures to help combat some negative thoughts are fears -- remembering what God says about you and your abilities.


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